Paradise Ranch is a 50-hectare joint eco-tourism project of the Philippine Children’s Fund of America and Sitio Moncayo in Bario Secovia, Pampanga. It is a 15-minutes dirt-road drive from Nayon Filipino sa Clark. Located just after the Secovia Bridge, Paradise Ranch offers the ultimate communing with nature experience. Unlike the Paradizoo Farm Ranch in Tagaytay, there are not too many animals in Paradise Ranch. But there were already some Ostriches and Peacocks as well as an herd of ducks freely roaming in the man-made lagoon.

But despite the absence of zoo animals, guests can still enjoy Paradise Ranch if only because of its lush greeneries and uphill terrain which offers a great view if you have the stamina to trek a few miles uphill to reach the Prayer Hill. At top the Prayer Hill you will a nice vantage view of the nearby Clark area and of course the great cloudy skies above.

To compensate for the lack of attractions, Paradise Ranch is offering paid function rooms and villas where guests can use for a fee. On top of the hill are two guest houses which can be rented for 5,000-6,000 per night. The guest houses have two rooms each and a complete house facilities. The rate maybe quite stiff but I guess it is good enough in exchange for the serenity and peacefullness of the place. It’s a perfect getaway place for city dwellers during weekends.

Entrance fee, or donations as the Paradise Ranch guard would term it is P50/pax ($1+) and proceeds from these donations are spent to help the nearby Aeta communities.

To get to Paradise Ranch, Enter Clark Air Field and follow the signs that direct to Nayong Filipino. Once you are at Nayong Filipino, look for a guard post located on the north and follow the road that leads to the Secovia bridge, after the bridge you’ll see the Paradise Ranch signboard to the left of the road. Take the left and be prepared for a good 10 minutes drive on a narrow dirt road that leads to Paradise Ranch.

See more pictures of Paradise Ranch.


70 Responses to Paradise Ranch in Clark Pampanga Philippines

  1. sarah mae quindara says:

    gnda aman jan!!!!!!!!!!1sna pnta ul8 jan ang luakan

  2. Paradise Ranch sounds like a beautiful place to visit. I wonder how much a trip down there for a week would cost.

  3. tanya says:

    alam ko pagmamay-ari ng mg aetas ang lugar na iyan. paano nagkaroon ng ganyan dyan?

  4. Misty says:

    may horse ba diyan?,anu-anong animals ang pwedeng makita diyan?,may jeep ba na pwedeng sakyan papunta dun?,may swimming pool ba dyan?,i mean pwedeng magswimming?,pwedeng mag-picnic?,gusto kong pumasyal minsan, but is it really a paradise na pag-eenjoyan ng buong family or barkada?

  5. Annaliza says:

    masaya ako na nagkaroon ng paradise ranch sa lugar ng mga aeta sa pagkakaroon ng paradise ranch maraming nagkaroon ng trabaho sa mga aeta saludo ako sa nagtayo ng paradise ranch kc maganda yung purpose nya sa mga aeta..

  6. Annaliza says:


  7. cLAude parafina says:

    kpgod maglakbay jn pro i enjoyed it! =) fld3p uli haha! msaya mgtanim pra mktlong =) the aetas r veri great =) ang taas ng prayer hill kdulas haha pro worth it nman kt ppnu, mganda view eh haha. gsto ko bmili nun pana un mga bnili ng clsmeits ko pro dko xe nkta un blihan eh sayang haha. nxtym nln pg dmaan =) in 15 years sbukan kong bmlik para mkta un mga tnanim =)

  8. marian says:

    ang ganda naman po ng place na ito……… di ko malilmutan tong magandang expiroenced na toh!!!!!!!!!!
    grabe ang ganda talaga!!!111

  9. wow ang ganda,actually,we already went there(during our fieldtrip) and that place was so interesting.I enjoy looking some animals and plants. I hope that we will go again there,sana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,…Thanks a lot…
    Added to that,na dan pala nag shoot cla marian at dingdong ng marimar…
    wow,isang makasaysayang pook,,joke…
    We knew that,marami kayong natutulungan…Keep It Up…po

  10. i love it so much,i would like to go and visit there again!…

  11. green says:

    hi. alam neo ba if nagbebenta sila ng live butterflies there? we need them kc asap. thanks :)

  12. melissa says:

    galing kami jan kanina… ang ganda talaga

  13. zach14 says:

    kakarelax ang place na toh.. d2 ginawa ang marimar, ang valle santibanez…. nag visit din ang mga candidates ng ms earth d2… hehehehehe… ang kinikita ng place na toh ay napupunta sa childrens found… marami silang natutulungan na mga bata…

  14. zach14 says:

    kompleto na rin nyan ang kanilang zoo… nice place to relax…

  15. mariel says:

    um. wala jeep papunta jan. taas yan ng bundok. :D 150 ang entrance. 3 times nacu nacapunta jan. and 50 pesos is really worth it . :D kung magsswimming additional 100 pesos. :D masaya. malinis. dami animals. :D masaya.

  16. mariel says:

    50 ang entrance i mean :D

  17. I would like to thank all of you guys specially the maker of this website, i didn’t expect all these good comments from you, i want to let you know that there are more exciting and fun things to do and see at the Ranch. we have now a Vista Montaña Pool, its an infinity pool on the top of the mountain, thats unusual but its for real. and also we are opening a 6 hectare zoo inside paradise ranch called zoocobia fun zoo, so theres gonna be more animals, different gardens, caves, butterfly kingdom and more..

    hopefully we can create another “wave” pool at this time..
    i personally thanking all of you for visiting our place and i hope that you can also refer us to your friends and families so that they too will know what we are doing for the environment and for the community.

    for queries you can contact us anytime at 0917-608-6349 or email us at


    Neil Christian Supan
    Marketing Representative

  18. MYARA ALICANTE says:


  19. aczafra says:

    Hi. Good to know about the improvements in Paradise Ranch. Hope we can visit Paradise Ranch again. Do I get a personal invite? :-)

  20. paradise ranch is so veryvery beautiful becausewhen i in ther in paradise ranch it so very beautiful and my son say so very beautiful

  21. Yes ofcourse! please bring your family again at the Ranch and I will take good care of you..



  22. hamza says:

    i’ve never been there in paradise ranch but it seems like, a really nice place to hang out with…

  23. rona anne says:

    haixt.. i rily love this place..
    ..the people at paradise ranch
    are ol riendly..
    ..maka2balik pa q ult xa
    paradise ranch.. it..
    ..mki2ta qo ult c kuya sander..

  24. rona anne says:

    eventhough the zoocobia is not nish yet..
    ..stil it’s a beautiful place..
    ..dun lng ako nkakita ng manok na nagti2nikling..
    ..and also ung monkey na nag ba2sketball..
    ..i love the camel..jeje..
    ..and ung dogs dun..sanay xla xa tao..
    ..very friendly pati ung mga animals..

  25. Hi rona anne! thank you for visiting the Ranch, I hope to see you again with your friends ok!


    Sander Sigurdson
    Paradise ranch

  26. cherryl Yumul says:

    Hi,I saw your streamers near friendship road.Can you give the directions how to get there and as well as the attractions in the park and entrance fee.Am interested bringing my family in your leisure park.Thanks

  27. racinam nah says:

    hay maganda talaga jan,.
    lalu nat nanjan c KIER at KEVIn hahaha

    kier miss u po dad,

  28. Davy says:

    simply amazing!….. sobrang linis, at napakatahimik na place… i admire the mission of the place that is to help AMERISIAN at ung katutubong Aeta…… sobrang friendly at u will definitely respect them… I salute them!….believe me, guys u have to try it for urself…. … i want u guys to experience what i had last October 10, 2009… definitely u will love the place as i do..

  29. tRISH says:

    hi please give me briefing about the Location and Price overngiht acomodation.. thanks

  30. JHOMILLE says:

    field trip namin diyan sa monday
    oct 26

    sana maganda
    kasi ang exciting ng name paradise ranch

  31. GELYNE says:

    * i haven’t visited paradise ranch,
    but im excited. our school is going there this dec.04
    FIELDTRiP. reading all those comments
    surely convinced me that it is
    a really wonderful place..

    – really looking forward to it. :))

  32. ferdinand says:

    ang ganda talaga dito..
    it is an awesome place.this 50 hectares will truly rejuvente your soul..
    come and feel what we felt.

  33. nicole dona says:

    we when we visit it …………it look great my frineds love it too

  34. nicole dona says:

    i liked the animal such as rabbit and ect… the swimming look great!!!

  35. Gelyne Laurente says:

    i swear, PARADiSE RANCH was the best!
    the ambiance, the people. I loved the orientation.
    AETA’s are really great dancers. :)) no offense. :)
    i really wish we could go back there.
    Though it’s far. :D see y’all soon!

    - gelyne from Muntinlupa Cosmopolitan School (MCS)

  36. Gelyne Laurente says:

    kahit nakakapagod umakyat sa bundok.
    waha~ it was really worth it. at kahit nabasa mga
    sapatos namin sa balsa, walang katumbas yung saya.

    kaya i’m inviting you all to visit PARADiSE ranch.
    you wont regret it i swear. :D

  37. saint mendoza says:

    – i really love the place full heartedly..i hope that many people will see how beautiful it is..thank you for welcoming us warmly!!im from virgen del pilar school..

  38. Lemuel A. says:

    Hey guys! This is really a great place to be. Wonderful environment, soothes your soul. Great people with a ready service with a smile.

    Visited the place 5 times already since May 2009 only. This is how I really love this place. Looking forward for a possible 6th visit as the year ends, record breaking hu! Hope i get a loyalty award, hehehe.

    Watch out also for their energetic marketing team specially Neil!!!

    Thank God for this wonderful creation.

  39. nicole joy says:

    i have been here when we had our field trip there(dec 4)we are from genesis school.hope we can visit again the aetas….

  40. nincris says:

    gusto namin pumunta dyan..
    kaso di namin alam papunta dyan???

  41. Vina Mariz Ocampo says:

    We’ve been there last saturday,Jan. 30 2010. Grabe ang ganda ng view. I want to go back. Sarap mag-tree planting.Look for our Mini Forest, (Pampanga Colleges)over there.Hi dun sa very friendly tour guide nila,si Ate Barry. Thank see you all next time.
    from BSBA 1

  42. Mariam says:

    This is truly one of the Pilipino’s Pride!
    You should see it and the kids will surely love this place!

  43. katherine dela cruz says:

    grabe ! ang gnda jan ! lalo na nung smyaw ung mga aetas ! kktuwa ! tas kiniss pa nila ung teacher namin .. haha saka ung 4th yr, na smyaw din ! haha.. ang cute ! grabe ang gnda jan !

  44. zylexandria says:

    we went at paradise ranch last february 26, 2010. its a long journey before you can reach its destination but we enjoyed it a lot even though we experienced a rough and tough road just to get there. but when we saw the place we got fascinated by its beauty. me and my friends take a lot of pictures there. we saw different living things there. you will definitely enjoy the place!! and you can afford the entrance fee too.. :)

  45. cindy says:

    paradise ranch looks really so good,,but other agents frm smart concepts our giving wrong information about your promos,,there is this lady name ashley who went to our work,,offering us to be a member of ur place..looks like she was not brief well enough about your place,,she gave us lot of wrong information,,for her to get a high sales,,wer so disappointed with that matter..

  46. the project was good enough to help the native but still they should gave more imprtance about the culture of teh aetas

  47. laine says:

    hi.. i’m line i visited paradise ranch and i was really amaze on the beauty of it.. i have a project advertisement and i would like to advertise the paradise ranch.. i need some more picture and video.. i hope you can help me.. thanks!

  48. wewe says:

    kakaka iba talaga nito

  49. dota boys says:

    now I see the wonderful place in pang. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but I don)like the serve to me hahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!222

  50. marg says:

    hi please give me the rates for overnight accommodation good for two person.. thanks

  51. vincent david says:

    August 20, 2010

    Immaculate Heart of Mary College visited Paradise Ranch yesterday & I could say that it was a great experience. It was my first time to visit a butterfly garden thus I appreciate it.
    God bless all the affable people there. Ingat pow.


  52. Joseph says:

    paradise ranch was very beautiful……
    It is the best for me…

  53. febie roque says:

    ask ko lang magkanu ang entrance fee sa paradise ranch.
    like ko kasi i tour ang family ko..
    reply asap…thanks…

  54. Jeraline Estrada says:

    Garden Weddings in Clark

    A lot of people are looking for nice and quiet places where they can celebrate their nuptial or wedding, a place where they can feel the serenity and enjoy the peaceful environment.

    Paradise Ranch in Clark offers very unique garden weddings for everybody to enjoy. One of their areas is the Garden Pavilion (A huge garden filled with different ornamental plants, pines trees imported from Baguio, pond with plants and ducks).

    The couple can enjoy the cold weather of the Ranch comparable to Baguio or Tagaytay City while spending their honeymoon to the one of their villas with overlooking view of the mountains in Pampanga and different attractions of Clark.

    Paradise Ranch also encourages the couple to plant or adopt a tree as a souvenir of their union.


    Neil Supan

  55. -paradise ranch is a nice place to go if you want to refresh your mind in many probems.


  56. naku malapit na namin yan pupuntahan wahahahaha… I think d maganda ^^ I think only

  57. kem says:

    naka punta na ko dyan nung 01/18/11 grabe ang ganda :) napaka welcoming ng mga tao :) kung gano ka ganda sa picture ganun rin sa personal ..

  58. dennie says:

    ang ganda dyan nakapunta na ko,ang fresh ng hangin at ang mga tao ay masisipag at matulungin,sana ay makapunta uli ako dyan sa isang paraiso para sakin

  59. dennie says:

    ang ganda dyan nakapunta na ko,ang fresh ng hangin at ang mga tao ay masisipag at matulungin,sana ay makapunta uli ako dyan sa isang paraiso para sakin ;)

  60. nanet says:

    it so nice to see this place…hehehe….
    it feels you are in the place where you can be free in all the problems that you have…
    the people here was approachable and you will see them always smiling ^_^
    i wish i can go back here and amuse again in the beauty of the Paradise Ranch.. :-)

  61. ivy says:

    magkano po ung entrance sa paradise ranch .. me gc po kasi kami and we want to celebrate .. together… respond po kau asap .. para maplan na namen agad ..thanks :)

  62. ASTRA says:

    ang ganda, pero parang may kulang pa ehh… ANG GANDA GANDA!!!!!!!!! :) :) XD

  63. Astra says:

    ANG GANDA GANDA!!!!!!!!! :) :) XD,,, Pinapatanong ng kasma ko kung libre ba ang mga bata? o pwede ba ang mgabata?? reply plsssssssssssssss…. ASAP

  64. ella says:

    im from St. Mary’s College Quezon City it was our field trip in paradise ranch last July.14.2011



  66. kakapagod pera sobrang saya dito talaga di ka mapapagod kahit ikot lang ng ikot sa field trip haha

    :) :) :)

  67. I want to reserve for a Bahay Kubo just for an over night but it’s very difficult to contact the number that was post in the website. Can you give us other number?

  68. p@ms says:

    Nag NSTP Camp kami dyan, grabe!!! ang ganda ng tanawin, ang sayang mamasyal dyan!! maraming mga animals, ang sayang makasayaw ang mga ita…haha grabe,,,,!!nkakapagod man nung nilibot namin lahat….pero ang sarap ng hangin, pampaalis ng pagod….Sa susunod ulit gus2 ku png pumunta, ksama naman family…AHHie!!!

  69. sheena says:

    magkano entrance fee ?..

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