The Queen City of the South is considered the financial and commercial hub for the southern and central Philippines. Besides that, it is the fastest growing economy in the country. For the last five years, the island has averaged close to 20% growth in export. It has a relatively low crime rate and is considered one of the best places to live somewhat peacefully.

Cebu is not in an earthquake zone nor in a typhoon belt. Neither does it have any volcanoes. It has a natural deep water harbour that has made it a centre for trade long before the arrival of Spanish colonists. Sea and air shipments arrive daily from across the globe. This means a near ideal lifestyle with the availability of services and goods. You can choose small town living in the suburbs, private and quiet days by the beach, or an urban lifestyle in the city.

There many activities and attractions that you can enjoy when you are on the island, no matter what kind of traveller you may be. Even if you are in town for corporate matters, you can still sightsee and eat local delicacies. To do this, you can book restaurants in the major business districts for your meetings. This is easy with the help of your virtual office representative. With this, you can see the most developed parts of the city and indulge your taste buds while you are getting some work done.

If you are a tourist who is out for some fun, you have more choices for activities. You could perhaps visit historical spots such as the Fort San Pedro, the Plaza Independencia, Magellan’s Cross, and the Santo Niño Church. You may also enjoy a day of swimming or sunbathing at the numerous beaches found on the mainland or on Mactan, Bantayan, and Camotes. You could even check out the handicrafts made by the locals. These items can include home décor, handbags, fashion accessories, and furniture.

It does not matter what your main objective may be for travelling to or even retiring in Cebu. You are sure to have your share of fun and excitement here even when you cannot speak their language. Anyway, a lot of citizens are fluent in English so you should not have much trouble in getting around or shopping for souvenirs. For more information on the province or city, you can check out official tourism sites or simply see things for yourself when you get there.

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